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"The desks from Stubenrauch-Hamburg combine the pursuit of uniqueness with clear design and unobtrusive practicality."

Desks made of solid oak wood

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Desk in light oak in large
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    Seitenansicht vom Schreibtisch Eiche klein aus Massivholz
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    Schreibtisch mit Klappe zum Verstauen von Kabeln
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    Natural beauty in oak: solid wood desks in Scandinavian design

    Timeless elegance of solid oak wood for your office or study: Our exclusive collection of spacious and compact desks made of light oak in Scandinavian design combines natural beauty with functionality and turns your work area into a place of inspiration.

    Oak desks:
    Form and function in perfection

    Our large desks made of solid oak are not only robust, but also an expression of the Scandinavian way of life. The warm, natural tones of oak give your office or study a calming atmosphere. The Skandic design emphasizes clear lines and simple shapes, creating a harmonious combination of form and function. With generous work surfaces, these desks offer the space you need for your professional challenges and creative processes. The elegant feel of the oak wood gives every working day a special touch, while the well thought-out design with integrated storage space solutions and cable management ensures order.

    Desk in light oak in large
    Regular price 2.980,00 €

    Solid oak wood:
    Minimalism with maximum charm

    Our small oak desks combine the charm of Scandinavian design with the efficiency of compact dimensions. Perfect for rooms with limited space, these desks radiate brightness and lightness. The light oak wood creates a friendly atmosphere, while the minimalist design fits seamlessly into different interior styles. Despite their compact size, these small desks offer a generous work surface. Every centimeter is used optimally to create an efficient working environment for you. The high-quality workmanship and clear aesthetics make these desks a stylish and functional highlight for your home office or small work areas.

    Desk made of light oak in small
    Regular price 2.200,00 €

    Stubenrauch Hamburg: FUNCTIONAL DESIGN

    Cable routing and organization are completely unobtrusive

    All solid oak desks have a flap that is discreetly integrated into the table top. It allows access to the inside of the table, where sockets, chargers, computer peripherals and much more can be easily hidden. A narrow slot on the back of the tabletop allows cables to be routed to devices on the desk. There are two openings on the underside of the body through which the cabling can be easily and concealed to the outside.

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