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Schaukelelefant aus Holz im edlen Design: nachhaltig und in Handarbeit hergestellt Schaukelelefant aus Holz im edlen Design: nachhaltig und in Handarbeit hergestellt
"Peppy, beautiful and unfussy - our rocking elephants invite little adventurers to go on a long ride. The reduced design and restrained color scheme integrate perfectly into any child's room."

Wooden rocking elephants

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Discover a new world of play with our wooden rocking elephant - a lovingly designed companion for the little ones. Made in Hamburg, the city of tradition and craftsmanship, this rocking elephant embodies quality, safety and creative design.


Its sturdy construction and subtle, minimalist design make our rocking elephants a reliable playmate for children. They are made from extremely stable birch multiplex panels, which are manufactured sustainably and FSC certified. Refined with tried-and-tested decors from Egger, our rocking elephant not only relies on visual aesthetics, but also on durable materials. In order to ensure hygienic cleanliness, the chosen coatings are extremely germ-reducing and are also very often used in furniture construction for daycare centers, for example.

We also pay special attention to the safety of your little adventurers. The edges of the rocking animals are intentionally not sanded too smooth in order to always provide sufficient support. The use of organic oil for the glaze not only emphasizes environmental friendliness, but also our care in using natural resources.

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Pastel tones are timeless and fit into every child's room!

Schaukelelefant aus Holz für Kinder in Rosa
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Handgefertigtes Schaukeltier fürs Kinderzimmer
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Schaukelelefant aus Holz für Kinder in Gletscherblau
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Holzschaukelelefant in hellblau fürs Kinderzimmer
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For us, every detail counts: we do not use metal during assembly. Each rocking elephant, on the other hand, is glued with the utmost precision and connected with wooden dowels, which not only underlines the longevity but also the love for the craft. The serial number on the stainless steel type plate on the underside of the seat guarantees the uniqueness of each example.

Experience with us the joy of a timeless toy that not only takes the children's room by storm, but also the hearts of the little ones: A rocking elephant that is not just made of wood, but also made of memories, adventures and endless fun!

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